Boarder Success and General Accomplishments 

Mikey has retired as Keri's show 

mount and now belongs to Betsy as her partner in crime. They enjoy life at the farm working on their skills.

Bekah Bond and Volly have been together for a couple years now and are learning new things about life off the track. 

We are very proud of our boarders and training projects that are at farm currently and those that have moved on. 

Keri and Rain have been together for 6 plus years and have had moments of greatness and moments of I'm a mare and I don't want to. Sadly pass 09/16 do to fatal field accident. 

Aubrey Smith and Scare City "Keeper" have been together since November 2014, he is a New Vocations Rescue, and they have done amazing things together. Keeper is currently 5yrs and came off track in October 2014. Keep an eye out for these two. 

Below: Jayme Smith and FoxPaw "Hope" starting working together in Feb 2015, and Hope has been showing Jayme the ropes of Jumping and they are great together.